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Lennox rooftop unit model numbers

lennox rooftop unit model numbers 1- Table 7. source. MODEL. RQ Series outdoor air handling units from 800-2,400 cfm. Instruction manuals and service manuals which may have come with your unit do not contain the complete model number required to identify replacement parts (except when the installer actually wrote down the complete model number in them). 0onT (29. com. Bryant Eco-Last™ Coil System uses up to 52% less refrigerant, is up to 59% lighter, and has up to 20% fewer brazed joints than regular rooftop unit coils (standard on KC and KG models) Available as a gas/electric, electric/electric or heat pump model; Comes in high-efficiency or standard version; Optional Reheat Dehumidification Technology Rooftop units can serve a single zone, or an entire building filled with many zones. LENNOX KGA092H4BS1G 7. “V“ denotes expansion valve system for cooling. RQ Series packaged rooftop systems from 2-6 tons. Select a location to see product details. Field Installed Only Accessories Page 4 . You can find the model number on the furnace or even on the guarantee When you own a Craftsman tool or piece of equipment, you know you can depend on quality and exceptional workmanship. High- Efficiency and Energence High-Efficiency models, achieve industry leading efficiencies  Lennox Rooftop Units Landmark® Gas/Electric Rooftop Unit enhances efficiency in gas/electric models; Available factory- or field-installed high- performance . MCA 29 RLA 17. 8 IEER (11 EER) unit • 20-ton 20. Factory-installed Apr 23, 2020 · The XC25 is Lennox’s top packaged central AC unit, with a SEER of 26 and sound levels as low as 59Db. 7 Trane Split System Condensing Units and Remote Chillers; 1. Rooftop Units Efficient and Reliable Rooftop Units That are Cost-effective and Easy to Install From 3–150 tons, there’s a system that is perfectly suited for you to install in any application, offering flexibility, exceptional energy savings, and lasting performance. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our site, please call and a our trained personal will locate the part you […] Unit (not NOx certified) 30: 3 Tons All manufacturers have similar coding schemes for their furnace model numbers. 8 EER) unit Mar 18, 2019 · For Lennox, you should look for the second cluster of digits of the model number. The HS26 unit can be mounted on a slab or rooftop and refrigerant lines can be installed vertically or horizontally. 00 SEER and 8. 2 IEER and 11. *Calculations based on Lennox' Total Cost of Ownership™ calculator, comparing: • 10-ton 20. SCSI is a parallel interface that Rheem air conditioning model and serial numbers are used to determine the age of the unit as well as where it was made. Write down the serial number on the product identification sticker (four numbers, followed by a letter, then five more numbers). Split Systems Jul 23, 2016 · Did a search for “Lennox nomenclature” and 6 relevant results came back including this thread… and no BS! :lol: imayer (Ian Mayer, CMI) October 11, 2016, 4:31am Mar 14, 2017 · At***** there is a roof top unit Model # CH3-261-E951 with electric heating and cooling, Serial number S1652015-01, under the name of LEAR SIEGLER INC. MODEL NUMBER DESCRIPTION. Can interface with virtually any packaged rooftop unit including Carrier, Lennox and Trane to control the cooling and heating stages as well as the fan operation. This. Scroll Compressors KGA/KGB 7. Features Page -32- Factory Installed Only Options Page 4 . sents a minor engineering change in the series unit. ) (58 kg) Economizer Catalog smoke detector 34J04 51J73 Economizer Dampers Catalog No. was founded in 1895 in Marshalltown, Iowa, by Dave Lennox, a railroad machine shop owner who invented a riveted steel coal-fired furnace. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this series comes in models ranging from 2 to 5 tons and with a cooling capacity of 19,200 to 50,500 Btu/h. Manufacturer Part Number : Y8241. YSC060G. 3 9. Use the serial number 5498L9988 for an example. 2 kW) LHA--7. 092 102 120 150. 39L – Featuring 1,800 to 15,000 air flow Cfm, a custom compact single/double wall, and uniquely fitted for indoor use. Company 1-800-448-5872 1-800-448-5872 Find all the parts you need for your Lennox Packaged Unit/RTU GCS24-1603-270-1 at RepairClinic. flue size in [mm] gas piping size natural propane inches lf25-030 30,000 24,900 25,500 83. • Counts heating and HIGHLIGHTS Landmark® rooftop units from Lennox are the new standard for reliable, efficient rooftop units built for long-lasting performance that can significantly improve indoor environments. lennox. These packaged  In the case of this Lennox model which by the way is not from the outdoor unit with heating capacity model number and serial number listed below. HS26-060-1P. Damage to unit could result if filters are not re-placed with approved filters. York Manuals Access over 550 York ® units with manuals in the Bluon app, including service facts, product data, and IOMS for all popular R-22 units, including YPAL 50 1. (Net Weight) REMD24M135 (115 lbs. GCS241353 GCS241603 **LPG/Propane Conversion Kit LB55755DA (32G88) Roof Mounting Frame (Net Weight) RMF16135/160 (32G91) (119 lbs. The serial number on this rooftop unit NBAM109317 has month and year of manufacture embedded in the number. This example has digits in the 4th and Buy Lennox KGA120S4BM3G 10 TON Landmark Series DOWNFLOW Two Stage Gas/Standard Efficiency Electric Cooling Belt Driven Constant AIR Volume Packaged Rooftop Unit, 80% 12. I can’t seem to find information on this. lennox rooftop unit manual 0 SEER barrier, Lennox Energence rooftop unit line achieves efficiency ratings up to 30 higher than U. 0 IEER (12. Units, with model numbers, cooling and heating capacities, are listed on the following page. YSC048G. 7 EER; 3- to 12. Jul 08, 2010 · I have a Lennox C-33-36B-2F model furnace and my home is alreadt plumbed for an outside air unit, with power and the two lines that run to the Lennox unit but are capped off and not connected. Unit Model No. By looking at your serial number, I’m going to say it is a 20 02 unit. Close control Number of circuits (cooling mode) / Compressor. 5 Lennox Model Number Description G 40 UH 24 A 045 X Unit Type Series  YORK® Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units offer low operating costs, easy Packaged Rooftop Units in both A/C and packaged heat pump models balance A wide variety of heating and air conditioning options and a number of  on many popular models, making replacement easier. These complete packages of HVAC solutions provide tools to create a healthy and comfortable environment. NOTE Due to Lennox’ ongoing committment to quality, Specifications, Ratings and Dimensions subject to change without notice and without incuring liability. Call 1-800-537-4341 and have the model number and serial number ready. Lennox National Accounts Commercial HVAC Product Guide The model and serial numbers for your cooling system can be found on the nameplate or sticker, located near the service panel. MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION LGC240 S 2 B S 1 Y Major Design Sequence A = 1st Generation B = 2nd Generation C = 3rd Generation E = 4th Generation Brand/Family L = L Series Product Line Unit Type G = Packaged Gas Heat w/ Electric Cooling Nominal Cooling Capacity − Tons 156 = 13 Tons 180= 15 Tons 210 = 17. Carrier rooftop unit serial number nomenclature house roof. Description. Condensate  Gas heat sections are available with Lennox' helical heat exchanger in Units are designed for rooftop or side of building installa tion with either {{ Economizer. Back to top SALES Jamey: 214-755-8019 Ralph: 972-730-6033 Para Español: 214-728-4531 MODEL NOMENCLATURE. In order t Frigidaire makes a variety of air conditioners that can be adjusted to run constantly or on demand to reach a set temperature point. com HS26-060-1P GCS16-090-350-2Y - Lennox User Guide - Lennox York Hvac Model Number Nomenclature Determining Air Conditioning Age & Capacity FURNACE AGE CHART How to Determine Furnace Age HOMEOWNER'S MANUAL 566 E Commercial—Air Cooled Condensing Unit 569 D Commercial—Air Cooled Condensing Unit 569 F Commercial—Air Cooled Condensing Unit 574 B Small Packaged—Hi Eff Gas Heat/Elec. Heat Exchanger/Inshot Burners 2. It’s here that you’ll find the capacitors, contactors, and fan motors you’re looking for, along with compressors and condensate pumps. kawaiilabotokyo. HS26 is the Series, 060 is the Capacity, 1P (1) is the Dash Number and (P) is the Power Characteristics. Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information) Nov 26, 2015 · Trane Model Number | Gas Furnace TRANE 75 TON AC ROOFTOP UNIT with GAS HEAT MODEL YSC090A3RLA3G, 25 Ton Trane Model Number Breakdown "Model Number Description All products are identified by a multiple-character model number is used with a Trane Integrated I add r410a to a lennox roof tpo unit Allied Refrigeration 440-823-5720 Allied Commercial, provider of high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems including packaged rooftop units, split systems, unit heaters, & industrial furnaces. com Read PDF Lennox Nomenclature Lennox Nomenclature Since 1968 all Lennox equipment that operates on voltage other than 120-volt/60 hertz single phase, is labeled with a letter designation to indicate Nov 14, 2013 · Lennox 7. Write down the first five digits of the Serial Number. Most problems can be worked out if we just communicate. rise ºf [ºc] vert. Number following nominal cooling indicates the electrical phase. Whether you’re in the market for a gas heating/electric cooling system, electric heating/electric cooling system, or heat pump system, there is a Legacy Line rooftop unit to fit your needs. Flexible design solutions to meet YOUR needs and uncompromising attention to detail. Units are sized to operate between 360 to 600 cfm/ton of cooling, depending on climate. lennox lf25 unit heater specifications model* gas heating performance connections input heating capacity btu/h output heating capacity lp/propane output heating capacity steady state efficiency temp. Learn more about Lennox heat pumps. Market segments: Hospitals, Hotel, Industry, Office buildings, Shopping malls, Non food retail, Process cooling; Product family: High efficiency packaged air treatment unit, Rooftop packaged units Energence Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop units provide significant energy savings over the life of the unit. New serial number format looks like this. The units were designed 2 days ago · Physical unit size: 47 x 39. maestropms. With a wide range of sizes up to 20 tons, these units accommodate a variety of applications. Looking for a convenient heating/cooling solution in a single unit? Order Packaged systems for cooling in summers and heating in winters. List of Current Lennox AC Units. S. 0 SEER barrier, Lennox’ Energence rooftop unit line achieves efficiency ratings up to 30% higher than U. A ccessory Z = P urchased A ccessory YEAR ASSEM BLED X = 1990 Y = 1991 A = 1992 B = 1993 C = 1994 D = 1995 E = 1996 F = 1997 A = January B = February C Apr 11, 2019 · Select proper angle and point the remote controller at the receiving window on indoor unit. Corp. Sensors - Relative Humidity (RH) Wall-Mount - Off-White Plastic Case. Lennox model numbers 14= 1 ton 21= 1-1/2 ton 26= 2 ton 31= 2-1/2 ton 41= 3 ton 46= 3-1/2 ton 51= 4 ton 65= 5 ton So, your unit is a two ton model. com Jun 06, 2018 · The brand name “Lennox”, the model number and the serial number can be found on the nameplate located inside the control cabinet. EL180DFE units are available in heating capacities of 44,000 to 110,000 Btuh and cooling applications 1. 0onT (26. It’s one of the few high-efficiency rooftop heat pumps to give the Trane XL16c a run for its money. 5 inches; Efficiency ratings: Up to 23. Bryant® Legacy™ - 7. components, Lennox® TSA/TPA units feature scroll compressors for smooth, efficient and quiet operation, and corrosion-resistant cabinets made from galvanized steel to protect against rust. You can’t use Carrier serial and model to decode Trane hvac units. These numbers are essential when searching for replacement parts. Download 756 Lennox Furnace PDF manuals. 00 HSPF. "5498L" will give you the place, year and month of manufacture for the Lennox air conditioning unit. 1 - Model No. YSC036G. Overall Efficiency <p>Efficiency within a model group will tend to vary by the size (capacity) of the unit. 6 Trane Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners; 1. Carrier Condensing Unit Make: Carrier Model Number: CA13NA018-D Description: Used Carrier 1. Refer to appropriate codes. Just enter the full model number of your Lennox furnace in our website’s search bar for a complete list of compatible parts. 5TON 2 STAGE HEAT DOWNFLOW ROOFTOP GAS/ELEC AC 13 SEER. Take the remote controller close to indoor unit. So if the model number is 4TTX4036A1000AA, take 36 and divide by 12, equaling 3 tons. We will connect all unit to existing supply lines, gas, electric and line Lennox has a variety of package types including gas packs with a furnace and AC, air conditioner-only units and packaged heat pumps. 5 Ton Condensing Unit with R-410A Refrigerant Voltage: 208/  See why top independent distributors and HVAC contractors across North America choose to partner with Allied Air. 5 Tons 240 = 20 Tons 300 = 25 Tons Cooling Efficiency Just a brief Description of Lennox Model and Serial number and how to understand them. Save time during installation and maintenance Lennox air handlers and indoor coils were designed to be installed quickly, with suction and vapor lines that extend outside the unit on 3- to 5-ton sizes. Lennox® Air Conditioner/Heat Pump/Packaged Units Service Models The Adobe Acrobat Reader® Application is Needed to Read ". Support If you're a business owner, we have your back. This information will usually be on a label on the outside casing. 13W06 01/18 PC83724 Litho U. A. Asking only $1500. EXAMPLE : Like any other Lennox Rooftop unit BALTIC™ rooftop unit helps reduce set-up time and maintenance. Model Number. is by Lennox Industries Inc. 7 metric tons of CO2 annually just by using our recycling program. Decode Lennox Model Number: Model number: hs16- 261V-4p. 5 Nominal Tons Rooftop Packaged AC & Furnace Units. on Lennox adapter floors. The Carrier commercial 39M is fully adaptable to both indoor and outdoor needs. 0 & 12. Model number description T*D Cooling Only (Electric Heat Optional), Downflow T*H Cooling Only (Electric Heat Optional), Horizontal Y*D Gas Heat Unit, Downflow Y*H Gas Heat Unit, Horizontal * Standard (S) or High (H) Efficiency Table 2. Air Conditioner, Furnace user manuals, operating guides & specifications Roof Mounting Frame Nailer trips ished,furn mates to unit, U. Lennox Capacity: Lennox has its own code found between hyphens in the model number 211=1. 9121–L7 Litho U. Today, Lennox manufactures a wide range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, as well as water heaters, dehumidification systems, and energy recovery systems. Both Trane and Lennox are considered premium brands … Trane model numbers and serial numbers are needed to register a new product or look up an existing warranty. YSC033G. The single package cooling units may be used in both residential and com-mercial applications. 0 SEER, 13. A minimum safety factor of 3 is recommended for Carrier WeatherMaker Vertical Commercial Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Unit Model: 50TC 15 – 27. List of factory installed options (FIOPs)(a) quiring internal unit modification. Wiring NOTE: The wiring section of this manual covers only the connection of the Lennox IMC S-Bus network to the E2. COOLING SYSTEM. Model YCD YCH 060 to 250. com Lennox Heating Manuals Lennox Furnace Touch Control Manual Lennox Parts Manual Hs16 FOR COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP UNITS AND SPLIT SYSTEMS - … Lennox Elite 13 Manual Carrier Air Conditioner Manuals - Universitas Semarang Lennox Ac Manual - shop. 2. ©2019 Allied Air Enterprises LLC, a Lennox International Inc. 12 Carrier Model Numbers Chart Packaged Rooftop Units (RTU) 48HJ / HE Weathermaster Single Package Rooftop Units (RTU) – 2 to 25 Tons – 2006. Luxaire is a premier line of high performance heating and air conditioning equipment, continually setting the standard in features and innovation. 5. EDRS Price MF S025 HC-$0. Siemens RDY2000BN, BACnet commercial thermostat, is perfect for light commercial HVAC system application such as schools, offices and restaurants. Raider® rooftop units from Lennox Commercial are the new standard for reliable, Number. me Lennox Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide Installation and Setup Guide - Lennox A/C-Heat Pump System Troubleshooting Guide HOW TO DIAGNOSE AND CORRECT REVERSING VALVE … unit infor model serial - LennoxPROs. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Lennox 12J1801 Expansion Valve TXV R410 w/Check Valve, 12J18 067U3414, TXV 1. Know where to find the Craftsman model number to register your product. Each individual unit has its own unique model number which is located on the data plate of the unit. 509 01 3606 01SS 01−18−11. These packaged air conditioners deliver performance for various ranges of industrial applications. Take the model number 24ACB360A003 as an example. Lennox Packaged Unit/RTU Blower Motor Genuine OEM Part # 92W51 | RC Item # 2346898 Part Number Part Description Part Link 13H26 Lennox 13H26 Ignitor and Flame Sensor Assembly View Lennox Part # 13H26 13H27 Lennox 13H27 Ignitor and Flame Sensor Assembly View Lennox Part # 13H27 14K99 Lennox 14K99 Spark Electrode Ignitor View Lennox Part # 14K99 17J57 Lennox 17J57 Spark Electrode Ignitor View Lennox Part # 17J57 19W61 […] CCAC Employee Web Documents Includes:(1) - Unit Fuse Block - 480/600V-3Ph - 15-20A (10A29)Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:There are no older part numbers. The line offers the Lennox L-Series Rooftop Units - Model LG - 13 to 25 tons Engineering Data 2007. 11 Aquasnap Model Number Nomenclature / Chiller Model Number Chart; 1. Lennox condenser fan motor, 1/3 HP, 1075 RPM, 208-230 volts, 60 hertz, 1 phase. HS is the High side Condensing Unit 16 is the  Our family of Energence® rooftop units, including Energence Ultra-. View & download of more than 5971 Lennox PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. 10 Aquasnap Model Number Nomenclature Chart ; 1. Installation, Operation, and Maintenance. Nov 14, 2020 · We bought a Lennox central air conditioner system (model number XC14S036-230A09) in August 2016 from a contractor in Montreal, Quebec. The nomenclature sticker should have a white background with black letters. The model number is a unique alphanumeric, sometimes numeric, code used to identify the particular version/series of your computer. 0 LonTalk Module Kit (54W27) for Compatible Rooftop Units - C0CTRL65FF1. 3 ˜ The next set of numerals following the dash, capacity. 5 ton models. Cool w/Puron 575 B Commercial—Air Cooled Heat Pump 575 C Commercial—Air Cooled Heat Pump 576 B Commercial—Air Cooled Condensing Unit Mar 04, 2015 · Having trouble finding any nomenclature for lennox RTU. ”1“ denotes single phase power. Lennox Packaged Air Conditioner Units. Enter the full model number of your Lennox product in our website’s search bar to find all Aug 31, 2019 · For a copy of the York RTU Installation manual for model DCE, DCG, DHE, and DHG units, refer to this PDF. ableT of Contents. YSC047G. 2015 Federal Regional Standards for Heating and Cooling Products. Tables 7. Major Design  4 Mar 2015 Having trouble finding any nomenclature for lennox RTU. Phenomenon: No air emitted from indoor unit. Some products, like furnaces, may also be affected by installation orientation (horizontal, upflow, or downflow) or even by the nozzle used in installation, as is the case with boilers and oil furnaces. still when? pull off other non-Lennox brands. detail. The photos and diagrams will help you locate the model and serial numbers of your equipment, if they are not found on your original warranty or sales invoice. Lennox Mini-Split Systems provide extremely effective cooling and heating for environments of all kinds, including: * MLA018S4S-1P max cool performance indicated; Data illustrated to -4°F but unit e“ectively operates to -22°F (indicated by dotted line); 80°F db / 67°F wb entering indoor unit. With the addition of numerous field-installed options and Nov 14, 2020 · XP25 is a flagship heat pump model from Lennox that provides efficient and consistent cooling/heating performance year-round. Click through to find a selection of Lennox product brochures. , please visit www. Reliable. It comes equipped with two LED lights that help you troubleshoot what may be wrong with the board's controls or the HVAC system. We will install the unit according to all city codes and regulations for Los Angeles or Ventura County. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609 . 51 + FREE Shipping Carrier 48HJ/HE Single Package Rooftop Units 2 to 25 tons - Product Data 2006. 2 - … MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION H = High Gas Heat, 2-Stage K20 G A 1 S 4 B S 1 Y Brand/Family K = K-Series Refrigerant Type 4 = R-410A Blower Type B = Belt Drive, Constant Air Volume (CAV) M = Single-Zone VAV Supply Fan Voltage Y = 208/230V–3-phase, 60hz G = 460V–3-phase, 60hz J = 575V–3-phase, 60hz Minor Design Sequence 1 = 1st Revision 2 We supply Lennox air conditioning and refrigeration spares and parts including fan motors, AHU, Rooftop chillers, Rooftop packaged air conditioning, cooler parts, air cooled condensing units, remote condensing units, open compressors, transport refrigeration, semi hermetic spare parts and water cooled condensing units parts. Learn More After more than 120 years as a leader in the HVAC industry, Lennox Commercial continues to offer the industry’s most innovative products and remain uniquely positioned to Decode Lennox Model Number: Model number: hs16-261V-4p HS is the High side Condensing Unit 16 is the series 261 is the capacity Tons. 48/50A2,A3,A4,A5020-060 Weathermaker® Packaged Rooftop Units (RTU) – 20 to 60 Tons – Product Data – 2018. I'm guessing with lennox it is in the model/serial # . 8 York Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers Guide; 1. 2 & 42. 5-ton gas/electric and electric/electric models and 3- to 10-ton heat pump models available Get full documentation including original manuals for over 1,100 Lennox® units, from 1. One can determine the year that an Armstrong Air furnace or air conditioning unit was manufactured from the serial number on the furnace or air conditioner. 1 EER) unit to a 10-ton 11. This information is used Your Dell laptop model can be found on a label on your laptop, on the boot screen, in the System Information utility, or through the Dell support web site. Pub Date 1 Oct 67 Note-8p. 2 kW) LCA/LGA/LHA. Lennox T-Class Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units TG/TC/TH Models Brochure 2007 Home Literature Library Lennox T-Class Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units TG/TC/TH Models Brochure 2007 Please wait… some files take minutes to load. 5-2. 5 ton roof top unit, model TGA090S2BS1Y, 208/230 volt, 3 phase, with economizer, manufactured in 2008, working great when removed to reconfigure a retail space. 20 item 6 Carrier 5 Ton Rooftop HVAC (Gas) Unit **New 2017** 48HCEB06F3A6A0F2C0 - 460-3 5 - Carrier 5 Ton Rooftop HVAC (Gas) Unit **New 2017** 48HCEB06F3A6A0F2C0 - 460-3 Rahn Industries manufactures a full range of fin and tube heat exchangers including chilled and hot water coils, glycol coils, booster / reheat coils, evaporator coils, condenser, steam and other exact fit OE, custom and severe duty coils that are guaranteed to fit and perform. Communicate with Prodigy™ Control System on Lennox® Premium Rooftop Units, non-Prodigy Control Lennox® or aftermarket equipment with optional Network Thermostat Controller, and other building functions with the Building Lennox International Inc. RATING PLATE The rating plate provides a complete reference for the model and ensures that the unit corresponds to the model ordered. RGH150 SINGLE PACKAGE ROOFTOP GAS HEATING, ELECTRIC COOLING WITH R−410A REFRIGERANT. all-season rooftop unit and mounting frame is described in. CONDITIONING, *I-1EATING, *MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT, THERMAL ENVIRONMENT, *VENTILATION. Use of proper unit identification numbers and serial numbers will greatly help in. Base on the Lennox decode books, it has two meanings: First – Expansion valve unit for cooling mode or AIR COOLED ROOFTOP PACKAGED UNIT. You must click/tap your models because Enter/Return won't select them. pdf" Files Click Here to Get a Free Copy of Acrobat Reader®. About Our Products. Oct 21, 2020 · Trane Rooftop Unit YFD301E3HAAD 25 Ton 208-230V 3Ph High Heat MFD: 2011 Used Lennox Energence 6 Ton Rooftop AC Unit Model #LCH072H4BC1G Please enter a number Overall Efficiency <p>Efficiency within a model group will tend to vary by the size (capacity) of the unit. If the power of batteries is too low, please replace them. 0: Base Unit of Measure: Unit(S) EAN / UPC: 66255148906 Find the series of numbers and the letter that follow the word "Serial" on the identification plate. FRIGA-BOHN | HK REFRIGERATION | LENNOX Armstrong Air is the professional's choice in home heating & cooling. Then a dash and the next two digits which are the Looking for more information about your Lennox product? Find your owner’s literature, like product manuals, by searching your product’s model number. 50TC Weathermaker Packaged Rooftop Units (RTU) – 3 to 15 Tons model number nomenclature ac unit guru10 net april 19th, 2018 - rheem model number nomenclature ac unit book results decoding of manufacturer model numbers list of tables table 7 2 1 amana furnace model number description' 'Ruud Furnace Model Number Nomenclature PDF Download model number nomenclature HVAC units are identified by their multiple-character model number that identifies a particular type of unit. LGH Series air handlers pdf manual download. Just be sure to enter the full model number of your product in our website’s search bar to find the specific replacement part you want. On older equipment the BTUH cooling capacity may be encoded in the model numbers. lennox rooftop curbs Jan 19, 2012 · I have a LGA120sh1Y rooftop unit and I am getting the fault code 50 (or primary limit 1). Thank Lennox Industries Ductless Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Heat Pump Units Three models of our heat pump outdoor units can overheat, which may pose a fire hazard. ) (54 kg) Model No. I have … read more Nov 05, 2013 · Chicago, IL: Lennox Air Conditioning is facing a defective products class action lawsuit alleging its air conditioning units are susceptible to formicary corrosion as a result of the deficient materials used in the manufacture of its coils. The capacity in tons of a Trane outdoor unit can be determined by dividing the 7th and 8th digit of the model number by 12. Carrier DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems) are designed to provide ventilation for the Apr 23, 2020 · The Lennox CHA16 is a single-packaged air conditioner, offering up to 10. Old Serial Number format look like this: XBFM220710, EADM203490, and BKJM310394. 2SG13B Series air conditioner pdf manual download. Lennox manufactures two main types of circuit boards, depending on the model of the HVAC system. Brand/Family. Department of Energy minimum standards. One matchup that seems to be among the most frequently researched is Trane vs Lennox. 5-ton 13ACD series on up to 50-ton S series rooftop units and other commercial systems. I have 4 (four) existing Lennox rooftop units as follows; No. 7 to 60. LENNOX KGA102S4BS2G 8. Model numbers beginning with RQ-002, RQ-003, RQ-004, RQ-005, or RQ-006. Learn more about our products from leading manufacturers. 4 ieer 460/60/3 r-410a cfm:3950 Mfg: LENNOX Armstrong Furnace is a division of Lennox Corporation and shares the same model number with units that are branded as Ducane. The HS stands for high side, HP for heat pump. The indoor unit poses no risk of overheating and is not the subject of Lennox’s voluntary recall. The Lennox single package. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 48 divided by 12 equals 4, so the data plate below indicates the system is 4 tons. MFR: 558JP08A000A2A0AA We will supply and install Condenser made by Lennox, model numbers will be provided upon installation and are based off square footage — ML14XC1 Merit Series. 40. 5 to 5 tons. ) (52 kg) REMD24M160 (128 lbs. model number nomenclature HVAC units are identified by their multiple-character model number that identifies a particular type of unit. Electric heat is available in sever- LCA/LGA--8. 2–5 TON UNITS CHA16 SERIES UNITS 2 THROUGH 5 TON UNITS CHA16 series units in the 2–5 ton sizes were introduced in the spring of 1990. I don&#39;t know what they mean - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Model Numbers Explained - HvacPartsShop. The model number for your MacBook can help you when it comes time Lennox L-Series Rooftop Units - Model LG - 13 to 25 tons Engineering Data 2007 . Use our guide above to decipher your trane serial number or ask your dealer for help. Lennox® packaged rooftop units represent some of the most innovative technology in the market. 0 EER) unit to a 20-ton 11 IEER (10. The normal rule of thumb is to use division by 12 to get the size (tonnage) of the AC from the model number. 180, 210, AND 240 MODELS “LCA” PACKAGED COOLING & ELECTRIC HEAT “LGA” PACKAGED COOLING & GAS HEAT “LHA” PACKAGED HEAT PUMP *Net Cooling Capacity – 156 000 to 206 000 Btuh (45. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common GCS24-1603-270-1 problems. May 25, 2016 · FROM MODEL # – Air conditioning equipment capacity from model number. depending on type and capacity of unit. 5602K 05120; Input 120 MBH, Output 96MBH; 3/4 HP evap fan;208/230 3ph. MacBooks show the model number in two main places, on the bottom of the MacBook's casing and on the retail box. Lennox model TGA series RTUs. EXAMPLE: G21Q3˜40— Gas heating unit capable of 40,000 Btuh input. Ref : CL50-RoofTop-IOM-0409-E LENNOX have been providing environmental solutions since 1895, our range of Baltic TM rooftop continues to meet the standards that have made LENNOX a household name. The system first uses any solar energy generated by your house to power the HVAC system. Find the model number. To learn more about each unit, read more at the Lennox Central Air Conditioners page of their website. the unit is a Model: LGA120HH1G Is there a list for the numbers for tonnage? Condensing unit model number guide. Units are shipped from the factory with temporary filters. Call Amana now! Model #: ZHA120S4MN1Y. it 39 s likely the furnace. 5 Ton Vertical WEATHERMAKER. Lennox model number SSB036H41Y ranks highest in energy efficiency when compared to other non-Lennox split system units. The Energence line delivers exceptional peak load and overall energy usage reductions for commercial buildings. Number and size of filters (in. Apr 07, 2020 · The exact location of the model and serial number information depends on whether the unit is rated as 80 percent or 90 percent annual fuel usage efficiency. 41 inch (1041 mm) height (for rooftop applications) Horizontal Return Air Panel Kit — Required for horizontal applications with horizontal roof mounting frame, contains panel with return air opening for field replacement of exist-ing unit panel and panel to cover bottom return air opening in unit, see dimension drawings 38K48 To keep these units working in prime condition, you need genuine Lennox replacement parts from Repair Clinic. Low S ide Item T = P urchased Low S ide Item Y = M fg. Y8241 - Siemens RDY2000BN, BACnet Commercial Programmable Thermostat, Rooftop Units / Heat Pump. User manuals, Lennox Furnace Operating guides and Service manuals. YSC037G. The horizontal or vertical orientation and flow direction of the furnace may also impact the location of the information, but it is present somewhere on every Lennox unit. What questions d … read more Model Number, Serial Number, and Cooling Capacity: sometimes cooling capacity is coded into the model number but on most newer units including the Sanyo compressor shown here, cooling capacity is stated explicitly. Select the link for the Trane Roof Top Unit (RTU) model number below that will take you to a new blog with additional information. Concord logo. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. 6 566 3. In our ongoing commitment to provide resources and support to make your job easier, technical documents for all of our commercial products are available here. Combining industry-leading efficiency with fast, easy installation and service, Lennox continues to offer reliable systems that deliver exceptional comfort in commercial buildings. com TROUBLESHOOTING OF A Whether you need a York furnace model number or a Goodman furnace model number, it's a good idea to know where to find furnace model numbers and how to decode them. Nr. OUR BRANDS. A Lennox circuit board controls the main functions of an HVAC unit. G = Packaged Gas Heat w/ Electric Cooling. trane rtu  View Larger Landmark® Rooftop Units Performance Marked by Flexibility® Thermostatic expansion valves on high-efficiency models and fixed orifice on  Rooftop Packaged AC amp Furnace Units. The units have a compact footprint that allows for a quick installation and blends in with your outdoor environment. 6. AAON rooftop units are engineered for performance, flexibility, and serviceability. Heating Capacity Model Number Serial Number Range 60,000 BTUH TUA060SNAF1 5609H#### to 5610M##### Outdoor Temperature Sensor (X4148) Prodigy and Prodigy 2. Johnson Controls® Premier 25-50 ton rooftop units (RTU) deliver enhanced performance and efficiency with greater flexibility and ease of installation and service to reduce operational and maintenance costs. Gas eating/Electric Cooling Package Unit. Technical Hot and Cold was established in 1991 and started offering parts through its online store in 2011 at www. 5 & 10. Up to 30 zones per rooftop controller. details about lennox lch092h4bn1j 7. 3 position. Condensing units & Dry-coolers. Replace filters before building is occupied. Some units can be specifically designed for make-up air, where only outside air is treated and sent to the space. Carrier  Rooftop. Type your HVAC model numbers into the search boxes and click or tap your models from the drop-downs. 2. Known for rugged dependability and tremendous value, our products stand the test of time. As your serial number includes some vital information about your unit age. 5 x 35. 4 kW) (39 300 to 51 900 kcal) be addressed to Lennox and the supplier or distributor for information purposes. Failure to comply will invalidate any claim against the shipping company. Solutions for customized comfort Don’t just choose a Lennox® product—choose a Lennox Commercial Comfort System. 5, 10. Chillers & Heat pumps. Established through internal review of competitive literature available to the general public in November 2009. com Amazon. Built to stand the test of time, the Craftsman brand is synonymous with strength and endurance. Search by HVAC Units. Trane Gas Fired Rooftop Air Conditioners. Lennox Reverse Cycle Rooftop Units Model Number Cooling Capacity* (kW) Heating Capacity* (kW) Nominal Airflow (L/s) Efficiency Rating EER/COP Dimensions (L x W x H) mm KHA036S4B 9. orgLennox 68J37 Contactor Apr 23, 2020 · The Lennox HS29 air conditioner, also known as the Elite 11, is a single-phase unit reaching up to 13. Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. Company 1 Merely said, the lennox serial number date code is universally compatible with any devices to read unit infor model serial - LennoxPROs. 5-12. 2 SEER and 10. At Lennox, were committed to building innovative products that can help save on energy costs and. The Problem with Lennox AC Units. YSC043G. Models are suitable for use with Lennox outside air damper, economizer and power exhaust. 5 TON DOWNFLOW ELEC/ELEC ROOFTOP UNIT NO HEAT 13 SEER (9) Oct 10, 2014 · 39M – With airflow Cfm of 1,500 to 60,500 and custom double wall design. 208-210 v 3 phase. 25 SEER, that was discontinued in 2001. With Raider® rooftop units, you can save up to $1,500* when eliminating the use of an adapter curb and the need to move utility connections. 5 rooftop unit vs. Dec 12, 2011 · rooftop unit* in its class and the first to break the 17. NOTE: On units using horizontal sup-ply and return, the accessory baromet-ric relief or power exhaust MUST be installed on the return ductwork. Note: Not all direct replacement numbers are listed, contact your Commercial territory manager for a complete list. Jul 26, 2013 · Design Loads and Safety Factors: Loads on rooftop equipment should be determined in accordance with the 2005 edition of ASCE 7. Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any Apr 23, 2020 · Lennox suggests that the unit’s reliability is enhanced by the integration of the line’s heating, cooling and indoor air quality products. W0E4298223, N0D6941103, and A0E5219381. com on November 14, 2020 by guest [EPUB] Lennox Heat Pump Manual Eventually, you will utterly discover a new experience and exploit by spending more cash. 5 Lennox Model Number Lennox® products are built to standards and backed with excellent warranties. ). 5 TON 2 STAGE HEAT CONVERTIBLE ROOFTOP GAS/ELECTRIC PACKAGE UNIT 13 SEER 460/60/3 80% AFUE. Factory-installed Carrier provides a full line of packaged rooftop equipment to meet demanding HVAC systems requirements, from small electric cooling units to large gas heat/electric cooling units like the WeatherExpert® series, which has the industry’s highest part-load performance IEER ratings in the 3-5 ton range. Modulating. 1 unit. If yes, replace it. The next two numbers are the series of unit, they generally work up as they introduce new models. No. It states the electrical power consumption of the unit on and dimensions for Lennox Commercial products are subject to change. Just curious on how to find tonnage of these units and if someone can explain how. Use the navigation filters on the left-hand side of the page to narrow the search down the exact part you want. It approximately 26,000 cooling capacity (2 tons) The letter V. Model Numbers Explained. 5 ton downflow elec/elec rooftop unit no heat 13 seer (9) See original listing LENNOX LCH092H4BN1J 7. 5 ton rooftop gas/elect. Thru-the-bottom service connec-tion capability comes standard with the rooftop unit to allow power and control wiring and gas connections to Identify the make and model number of the air condenser or heat pump. While the air conditioning units can generally be expected to work well under most circumstances, it may occasionally be necessary to contact Frigidaire regarding the The iPad's model number can help you determine which model of iPad you own. 2 EER/13. Units are available in 2, 2−1/2, 3, 3−1/2, 4 and 5 ton sizes. Single-Package Rooftop; Standard Efficiency; Electric Cooling Units; with Optional Electric Heat; 11. The model and serial numbers of each of the Lennox company's furnaces is visible inside the top-front service panel of the furnace. Click on Your Model Number Below to View the Service Manual for Your Unit Lennox Air Conditioner Manuals - HvacPartsShop. 0 SEER; 15 to 27. LEARN MORE. We pride ourselves in providing customers with excellent service […] Carrier provides a complete line of commercial packaged rooftop units with Puron® refrigerant to meet demanding HVAC system requirements. Model 40RUA units have direct-expansion coils. 67 / 4. Prodigy® 2. 7 IEER 460/60/3 R-410A CFM:3800: HVAC Equipment - Amazon. 9 York Equipment Nomenclature Chart; 1. The model an Short for logical unit number, LUN is a unique identifier used on a SCSI bus to distinguish between devices that share the same bus. 05 SEER with a 2. Short for logical unit number, LUN is a unique identifier used on a SCSI bus to distinguish between devices that share the same bus. ation of the Lennox rooftop HVAC units and the IMC itself, contact your local Lennox service representative or call Lennox directly at 1-(800)-953-6669. Lennox Capacitor: schematron. Dampers. Descriptors-*AIR. Within this string of letters and numerals, you should find an even, two-digit number. 9, 35. 5 Tons Net Cooling Capacity − 36,000 to 90,000 Btuh Gas Input Heat Capacity − 65,000 to 150,000 Btuh MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION K G A 060 S 4 B S 1 Y Brand/Family K = Landmark® Product Line Unit Type G = Packaged Gas Heat w/ Electric Cooling Major Design Sequence A = 1st Generation You can find the model and serial numbers (M/N and S/N) for your furnace by removing the top-front service panel and looking to the left side of the interior cabinet or the top of the blower deck, depending on whether your system is an 80% or 90% AFUE unit. com Lennox LGA 120 ***ARP Forum Changes lennox-heat-pump-manual 1/3 Downloaded from calendar. Check the batteries. York Hvac New Serial Number. It was an Energy Star qualified part of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection of packaged heat pumps and was designed to be installed on either a rooftop or a slab. The list of units below are the current models available at Lennox in 2017. a Lennox International Inc. 2% 37 Allied packaged rooftop units offer reliability, versatility, light weight, easy maintenance and simplified installation. Wall Humidity Sensor- Includes Sensor (A91) (2) Screws, & Instructions. That is because Lennox is completely proprietary, and keeps a singular hold on their logistics chain. 5 ton 511=4 ton 651=4. Electric heat is also available with the heating range of 14,300 to 65,400 Btu/h. Do you know whethjer this is a Lennox or any oth … View and Download Lennox 2SG13B Series user's information manual online. alNation Roofing Contractors Approved, shipped knocked down LARMF10/15-14 14 inch (356 mm) height or Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. The lawsuit further alleges that Lennox has not informed its customers of the defect, even when it is called to replace failed coils in existing units Lennox® packaged units are an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that’s idea for homes built on a crawlspace instead of a basement. Advanced, high-efficiency control has never been so convenient, or easy. In the Kansas City area? HVAC Parts Shop 7252 W Frontage Rd Suite B Merriam, KS 66203 The Lennox CORE™ Service App—a key component of the upcoming Model L™ launch—has been named a software finalist for the 2021 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. Lennox Industries, Inc. I received two quotes; trane 8. Lennox: Catalog Number: AC302: Model/Part Number: KGB060S4B: Minimum Order Quantity: 0. This information is used for insura Rheem air conditioning model and serial numbers are used to determine the age of the unit as well as where it was made. Unit Type. Take the make and model number to an HVAC supply store, which will use trade manuals to find the appropriately sized capacitor. For over a century, the Coleman® name has been a trusted icon in America. lennox-prodigy-bacnet-manual 1/1 Downloaded from www. Inverter compressors, belt-less ECM fans, and energy recovery solutions make rooftop systems an easy-to-maintain, energy-efficient choice for Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers: 21G71; LB-56689CB; 21G7101; Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers: LB-56689CB; Other Part Numbers: T002055038, A100, Lennox, 46G41, LB-56689CB, Bracket, Triangle, Oshkosh. Check whether remote controller appears to be damaged. heil 7. L G H 240 H 4 B S 1 Y. Jan 23, 2020 · The Lennox 15CHPX is a discontinued residential packaged heat pump with an efficiency rating of up to 15. Air side products. 18 2165 x 1192 x 987 May 27, 2010 · I am a building owner and in need of replacing the heating/ac unit on the rooftop. 4. Lennox Rooftop Unit Line LF/LS25 Unit Heater Brochure Other Resources. com Lennox Complete Heat Installation Manual LCA/LGA/LHA Lennox Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide - 1x1px. Example: Carrier A/C Compressor Condenser Model# 38XD12400 (same unit as used for the serial number example above), there is variation in how Carrier assigned these numbers but typically the numbers indicate either tonnage or MBTUH. 5 through 12. Refer to your Lennox IMC documentation for all other information, Apr 29, 2016 · LENNOX MODEL LGH092H4BH1G HEATING/COOLING ROOFTOP UNIT. 19xr evergreen carrier mercial ue technical. Basic Unit P = Purchased Basic Unit S = M fg. This site we have created is here to help you find Lennox parts for any Lennox furnace. These units have no heating mode. Popular Lennox Filters by Model Number With Size X8309 (HCXF20-10) Expandable Replacement Filter - 16x25x5 (Actual Size of Assembled Frame - 15-3/4" X 24-3/4" X 4-7/16") X8310 MERV 10 Expandable - Nominal Size: 20" x 25" x 5" (Actual Size: 19 3/4" X 24 3/4" X 4 7/16") X6670 Nominal Size: 16" x 25" x 5" ( Actual Size: 15-3/4" X 24-3/4" X 4-3/8" ) X6673 Nominal Size: 16" x 26" x 5" - ( Actual Size 16-3/8x26x5-5/32 ) X6675 Nominal size: 20" x 25" x 5" - ( Actual size: 19 7/8" x 24 7/8" x 4 3/8 When it comes to Carrier model numbers, you must be very careful. Signature models come with a special feature called SunSource, which allows integration with a new or existing solar array. 5 ton 261=2 ton 311=2. In both June and September 2019 the unit stopped working. Unit model number (including any dash numbers) and serial number must always be used when referring a problem to Lennox in regard to repair parts, literature, wiring diagrams, etc. GCS16-090-350-2Y. Multiple inputs and outputs (both binary and analog) allow for a flexible and powerful system controller. When it comes to choosing between having to repair a Carrier or Lennox AC unit, however, Carrier blows Lennox right out of the water…it’s an absolute landslide, in our opinion. 214-321-4200 Main Number 800-665-2117 Toll Free US & Canada  6 Jun 2018 The date of production/manufacture or age of Lennox® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate. IMPORTANT: IF YOUR ITEM IS A LARGE ITEM AND IS MARKED AS GOING FREIGHT. (See Bulletin #210087 for LCA/LGA300H High Efficiency Unit Data) 156H, 180, 210, 240 and 300S MODELS 1999 Lennox Industries Inc. The model and serial nu The model and serial numbers of each of the Lennox company's furnaces is visible inside the top-front service panel of the furnace. All 6. Lennox, Armstrong, Concord, and Ducane Replacement Parts Welcome to our OEM Lennox parts online. Precedent™ Packaged Rooftop Units April 2011 ACC-SVN43E-EN Installation Instructions Model Numbers: Used with: BAYCURB042A T/YSC036-060E, T/YHC036E, T/YHC037E, WSC036-048E, WSC060ED BAYCURB043A T/YSC072-102E, T/YSC120F, T/YHC047-120E, T/YHC092F, WSC060-090E, WSC072-120ED BAYCURB044A T/YHC092-120E, WSC120E The Lennox LRP16HP packaged heat pump is Lennox’s premium 2-stage rooftop unit. Click on Your Model Number Below to View the Service Manual for Your Unit Feb 14, 2019 · ENSURE that you verify all of this model number information with the manufacturer before using this information to make equipment selection or repair decisions. Commercial Solutions Lennox is the leader in advanced, energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide reliable comfort for commercial installations. 5 ton units have two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits to provide 2 stages of cooling. It is found on the back case of the iPad. Product and Serial Number Nomenclature. Save Space & Money with Wholesale pricing and Free Shipping on Packaged AC & Furnace Units - When indoor space is limited, a packaged or rooftop air conditioning or heating unit can be the perfect solution. The iPad's model number doesn't just designate the generation of iPad such as the iPad 2 or iPad 4; it also differentiates an iPad with data connectivity (4G LTE) and one that can on The model number for your MacBook can help you when it comes time to order parts or upgrade components for your computer. Description: The XC15 is a high efficiency residential split−system condensing unit, which features a scroll compressor and R−410A refrigerant. Mfg: LENNOX. Capacity For any other condition, please consult your Lennox representative. Energence Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop units provide significant energy savings over the life of the unit. Write down the model number that appears on the sticker (either G14 or GSR14, followed by a series of numbers and letters). 5 SEER;ENERGY STAR qualified; Average running decibels: 64 to 74 dB; Specialized features per unit type: SilentComfort Technology, dual-fuel capability (when paired with a Dave Lennox Signature Collection furnace). Here’s a look at the three types of package units Lennox makes along with complete prices for each model. Also for: Lgh092h4b, Lgh102h4b, Lgh092h4m, Lgh094u4e Trane vs Lennox – A Side by Side Comparison of Two Premium Air Conditioner Brands Our central air conditioner side by side comparisons are undoubtedly the most read articles on our blog. Lennox has carefully crafted the Raider® rooftop unit line to deliver on quality and convenience, making  I'm not sure what it does. The Legacy Line Rooftop Series from Bryant is one of the more affordable rooftop units that still pack a powerful heating and cooling punch. The sequence of letters and digits in the Lennox model number reflects specific information about the unit. The Lennox Model number of your unit is the most important information required in determining the correct replacement part you need. Efficiency ratings established per ARI’s test standards: ANSI/ARI 210/240-94. technicalhotandcoldparts. These all-in-one systems contain sit outside, either on the ground or on the roof, allowing you to CaptiveAire's Modular Packaged Unit (MPU) is designed to be a factory packaged air conditioning and heating unit for 100% Outdoor Air (OA) applications. 0 (M3 Unit Controller) C3 Replacement Control Kit (10X87) Prodigy® 2. 7. Including oil & gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, package units & air handlers 12-1/2 ton "landmark" series downflow standard efficiency electric cooling belt driven constant air volume packaged rooftop unit, 12. ”3” denotes three phase power. heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as indoor air quality equipment, must be installed and maintained adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, codes, policies, and licensing requirements. The figures below analyze two typical model numbers. 0 (M3 Unit Controller) Firmware Update. the unit is a Model: LGA120HH1G Serial: 5698L00315 Lennox® Furnace Service Manuals The Adobe Acrobat Reader® Application is Needed to Read ". Double wall rigid polyurethane foam insulated cabinet construction and direct drive backward curved plenum fans allow the units to have quiet, energy efficient airflow with high static pressure capabilities. The three affected units are listed below. How to figure out your model and serial number on a Lennox unit. At the time of its manufacture, around 2005, this now-discontinued unit was Energy Star-qualified, had earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and its design, with few moving Lennox® products are built according to demanding ISO-9001 standards and backed with excellent warranties. New Serial Number from October, 2004 to the present day. Signature Collection: Dave Lennox Signature – Model XC25; Dave Lennox Signature – Model XC21; Dave Lennox Signature – Model SL18XC1 Jul 22, 2019 · EL180DFE series units are mid-efficiency gas furnaces used for downflow applications only, manufactured with Lennox Duralok heat exchangers formed of aluminized steel. Whe In order to purchase additional memory, hardware-specific accessories and replacement parts for your computer, you need to know your computer's model number. 5 ton Example: CHP16H-261-1P = 2 ton Age: Prior to 1974 the first three digits of the serial number indicate the date of See full list on scribd. . YSC063G 3. 4% 85. L = E -Series. CONTROL BOARD MODEL 500644 FOR … FOR COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP UNITS AND SPLIT SYSTEMS - … Heat Pump Thermostat - ControlsCentral INSTALLATION AND SERVICE XP25 PROCEDURE Service … DESIGN AND FABRICATION GUIDELINES - LENNOX EMEA lennox heat pump control wiring The Lennox icomfort Touch®thermostat must be used in communicating application In Lennox Installation Guide - mellatechnologies. Lennox Package Unit Prices. Model Number: CECOMINOD072063 Number of Items: 1 Part Number: OEM Replm For FASCO # 68K21 UNSPSC Code: 40101700 See more. Packaged Rooftop Units. 1. Purchase Lennox Parts Online Technical Hot and Cold is an online supplier of new Lennox replacement parts for air handlers, air conditioners, furnaces and rooftop units. 5 TON ROOFTOP UNITS KGA/KGB Home / Products / Packaged Rooftop Units / Z-Series The Z-Series™ Up to 14. Lennox has resources to make your job easier. lennox rooftop units model numbers Our Energence rooftop unit delivers on both counts. 2 HSPF and uses a variable-capacity, inverter-controlled compressor. BASIC UNITS - DATA PLATE SERIAL NUM BER INFO RM ATIO N XXXX999999 T Y P E O F IT E M M = Mfg. Prodigy® (M1 and M2 Unit Controllers) Frequency Ask Questions. Below you will find a partial explanation of the alphanumeric identification code (aka Model Number Nomenclature). Carrier provides a complete line of commercial packaged rooftop units with Puron® refrigerant to meet demanding HVAC system requirements. item 5 LIQUIDATION 3 TON Lennox Rooftop Package Heating & Cooling Unit 3PH #704 4 - LIQUIDATION 3 TON Lennox Rooftop Package Heating & Cooling Unit 3PH #704 $859. piece of equipment. 4 & 35. You can use Dell's SupportAssist application to easily view your computer's information and automatically detect your product on their site. Check Considering Lennox National Account customers replace, on average, 215 rooftop units per year, you could save up to 74. 5 ton 411=3 ton 461=3. L SERIES UNITS - LENNOX EMEA L Connection ® Building Automation System - L Series / Page 5 ZONE CONTROLLERS AND SENSORS PROVIDE CONTROL AT EACH ZONE Zone Link Located in the rooftop unit or mechanical room • Coordinates up to 31 Comfort Sensors connected to a zoned rooftop unit. New (5) from $126. Note: For guidance on load calculations, see “Calculating Wind Loads and Anchorage Requirements for Rooftop Equipment,” ASHRAE Journal, volume 48, number 3, March 2006. Identifiers-Lennox. 0 IEER (13. LENNOX XC15 SERIES SPLIT SYSTEM CONDENSER UNIT SERVICE MANUAL [PDF], (2006) Lennox Industries Inc. Manufacturer Part Number : 17M5001. Split Systems Two Model and Serial Tags identify Split System Equipment Heat Type & Nominal Heat Capacity (Unit Size Allowed) 2 = 208/230-3-60 C00 = Cooling Only, No Heat Installed 4 = 460-3-60 AA = None 5 = 575-3-60 @ AB = Phase Monitor Single Stage Natural Gas Heat Options AC = Coil Guard A05= 48 MBH Output Aluminized Steel, Single Stage (037,049) AD = Dirty Filter Switch 12½-25 Ton Packaged Rooftop Units Cooling & Gas/Electric Table 1. Would it be a 2 Ton, 3 Ton or 5 Ton unit? Johnson Controls Series 10 J**ZH/ZJ/ZR units are convertible single packages with a common footprint cabinet and common roof curb for all 3 through 12. GCS16-060-120-4Y; Serial No. The unit also comes with the company’s Climate IQ® Technology, which automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity according to the climate in your area. TABLE 1 UNIT FILTERS Unit Qty Filter Size − inches (mm) 024, 030, 036, 048, 060 4 16 X 20 X 2 (406 X 508 X 51) View and Download Lennox LGH Series unit information online. ”0” refers to the general unit, including both single and three phase. LENNOX LGH036S4TS2G 3 TON 2 STAGE COOL CONVERTIBLE GAS/ELECTRIC ROOFTOP PACKAGE UNIT R410A 460/60/3 15 SEER 80% AFUE. Hvac Serial and Model numbers Each Hvac brand has its own serial and model number and each serial and model number have a different way of telling you the information. We have reimagined the design features of an applied HVAC system into the value and simplicity of a packaged rooftop unit. 5 Tons Featuring a capacity range from 3 to 150 tons, our single-packaged Rooftop Unit from Johnson Controls is easy to customize with fast installation, low operating costs, the flexibility of heating and cooling options, and our Smart Equipment Controls (SEC) package. , Marshalltown, Iowa. Please provide your invoice number and bidder number. 5 Ton Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit (208/230-3-60) Item: 558JP08A000A2A0AA . pridesource. Lennox. The coding for these units is not intuitive however. Electrical Data Supplement. flue size in [mm] horz. MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION. MEA 147-08-E Page 1 of 3 every pizza hut with a lennox rooftop unit had 1 in the electrics section- but theres none in the nw, they all got borrowed-you might find 1 on e bay but it wont be cheap- might put a reserve on mine of 500 quid as ive not been paid this month and waiting on redundancy, hence quick sale!-:D Rugged. Older Unit Serial Numbers. *Calculations based on Lennox' Total Cost of Ownership ™ calculator, comparing: • 10-ton 20. L Connection® Network Building Automation System. 8 IEER (11 EER) unit UNIT INFORMATION Page 1 1991 Lennox Industries Inc. The unit boasts efficiencies of up to 23. View all the products available in your area by selecting the HTS location nearest you or your project. Manufacturer : Lennox. NOTE: Read the entire instruction manual before starting the installation This supplement only applies to RGH150 units when there is “B” in the 9thposition of the Model Number, as shown in the Model Number Nomenclature diagram below. w/o detector 34J02 54J37 Old Serial Number from 1971 – October, 2004. ca on November 16, 2020 by guest [Books] Lennox Prodigy Bacnet Manual When people should go to the book stores, search initiation by shop, shelf by shelf, it is in reality problematic. Model. standard rooftop units* Advanced system is available for 3- to 25-ton Energence® rooftop units Split system version is twice as energy-efficient as standard dehumidifiers** With the Humiditrol® dehumidification system from Lennox, you can easily reduce humidity levels regardless of room temperature. Landmark® Rooftop Units Standard Efficiency - 60 HZ 3 to 7. 5- to 5-ton capacity, depending on the specific model. lennox rooftop unit model numbers

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